Quality committment

Quality Management is of critical importance to Hutchins Bros, as it ultimately determines our ability to provide a high level of service to our client base. We are committed to providing our customers with the assurance that we shall supply a quality service which meets or exceeds expectations both on time and to budget.

To ensure best practice and high quality outcomes are consistently achieved, we strive for continuous improvement and aim to maintain a quality management system complying to AS/NZS9001:2000.

Our project specific Inspection & Test Plans provide the framework for measuring our performance against specified requirements. This is enables us to ensure throughout the entire project cycle that not only ourselves but our sub-contractors and other project participants are working toward the common goal of delivering a superior project product.

Hutchins Bros adopt a strategy of continuous improvement when it comes to quality. We consider good management practice and staff participation essential to the continuation and advancement of our quality systems. We ensure that where deficiencies are identified, they are resolved promptly and systems are put in place to ensure eradication of repeat events.