Health and Safety

Hutchins Bros Pty Ltd is committed to conducting its activities free from occupational illness and injury. We will manage risks to people and the environment as part of our normal business planning and processes.

We strive to maintain the highest standard of safety, by identifying and eliminating potential hazards to ensure all possible accident/incidents are prevented controlling the risk of damage to property, personal injury or disruption to process within our workplace and on site.

Our Occupation Health and Safety Policy and Regulations have been developed to ensure they:

  • Comply with all relevant Statutory and Regulatory requirements;
  • Be appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of our activities, products and services;
  • Ensure a commitment to continual improvement;
  • Provide a framework for effective injury management and rehabilitation for all employees.
  • Formalise our commitment to train and nurture our staff to ensure they remain conversant with changing Occupational health and safety issues.

Maintaining, developing and improving Occupational Health and Safety programs requires input from all project participants to ensure its success. Hutchins Bros fosters regular communication, consultation and training between management, supervisors, employees and sub-contractors believing that team involvement in the decision making process improves commitment to achieving Health and Safety objectives.