Environmental credentials

At Hutchins Bros Engineering we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. Within our operations, we continually review energy use, waste and natural resource use and set goals and practices to lessen environmental impact.

During Fabrication and Erection we utilize best practice, sensitive and environmentally conscious approaches to curtail any negative impact on the environment.

In all our projects we treat the environment responsibly and expect the same from all contractors and employees who work for us.

Our Environmental Management System has been developed to ensure it will:

  • Comply with all relevant Statutory and Regulatory requirements;
  • Be appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of our activities, products and services;
  • Ensure a commitment to continual improvement and prevention of pollution;
  • Provide a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets;
  • Ensure correct storage and disposal of hazardous substances;
  • Ensure conservation of natural resources.
  • Formalise our commitment to train and nurture our staff to ensure they remain conversant with changing environmental issues.

To further re-affirm our business’ obligation to the Environment, in 2010 Management made the decision to commit to the Australian Steel Institutes Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC).  The objective of the ESC is to promote steel as a sustainable form of construction by ensuring the steel industry chain can operate in an environmentally responsible way.